Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How do I login into SpringDeck after I get my account?

A. First, download the SpringDeck app to your iPad and when you launch the app you can then immediately login. Otherwise, you may login from your computer as well. Visit or you can find a LOGIN link in the footer of our website. If you have an issues with login, please reach out to us and we are happy to help!


Q. What devices does SpringDeck work on?

A. The SpringDeck app can be downloaded to your iPad. If you do not have an iPad, don’t worry! You can go to on any device (computer, tablet, etc.) to access the browser version of the app from your account’s dashboard. This gives you a powerful and smooth presentation interface while connected to the internet. The added benefit of using an iPad is that it gives you the option to store content locally to your tablet for fast access and offline use; while still being organized and easily searchable inside the app interface during sales meetings.


Q. Is SpringDeck a proposal software?

A. No, SpringDeck is not a proposal software or CRM platform, but it does compliment these types of tools. SpringDeck is a sales content deployment platform that creates engagement during sales meetings, enhances product education, and improves your sales process to close more deals. You can capture client contact information during a meeting, and easily share and track all of their favorite product content directly from within the app. All of this data can be exported from SpringDeck if you desire. 


Q. Can I demo the SpringDeck app before I buy?

A. Yes! We love doing live demos with our users and "users-to-be". It gives us a chance to connect personally, walk you through the app features, and chat about how SpringDeck be utilized across your sales teams, presentations and business. You can request a live demo appointment with one of our team members from our contact page.