Healthcare Giant, ARKRAY, Improves Sales and Customer Relations Using SpringDeck Sales App

For more than 50 years, ARKRAY has developed innovative diagnostic and monitoring products for the healthcare industry, diabetes management and clinical diagnostics.  We chatted with Todd Cullen, SpringDeck user and Director of Marketing for ARKRAY, about their experience using SpringDeck in their sales process.

Q: Why did ARKRAY start using SpringDeck?

“ARKRAY was looking for a platform to provide digital access to all of our marketing collateral, with the ability to send directly to customers. Prior to SpringDeck, our sales force would request PDF’s of any marketing collateral pieces, attach to an email and send to a customer. This process was very cumbersome and often times resulted in sending wrong revision of the sales materials.

After an exhaustive search for a simple solution, SpringDeck came across my desk. This appeared to be the perfect solution to our need, particularly with the option to track the messages sent to customers and whether or not a followup was needed. SpringDeck offers us the ability to see if a customer has opened the message and if they have downloaded the attachments. The best part of this solution is that it allow for follow up using the original message.”

Q: How has the ARKRAY sales process improved since using SpringDeck?

“We have had tremendous positive feedback from our sales team. The SpringDeck tool has allowed our sales team to communicate more effectively with our customers and to proactively follow up on key messages sent to them. Our customers have told us that they prefer electronic versions of our sales collateral rather than hard copies and SpringDeck provides our sales team the right tool to offer that solution. It has saved tremendous amount of time as well for our sales team by not having to hunt around their PC to find copies of a sell sheet (and hopefully the correct revision) to forward to a customer.”

Q: What is your favorite feature of SpringDeck?

“Our favorite feature of SpringDeck is the capabilities to track the messages we send to our customers. This is a great feature to check whether or not a message has been read and opened. It also gives us the capabilities to follow up directly if a message has not been read with a friendly reminder. The consistency of the messages sent to our customer is a real asset. With a large sales force, many of them have their own “unique” way of creating custom email messages to their customers. With SpringDeck, the format and look of the message is consistent across all of our sales team.

Q: From a sales admin perspective, how has SpringDeck analytics helped your team?

“Yes. It has been helpful for us to see usage and to remind the sales team of the features of SpringDeck. This has reduced the admin time to forward PDF’s of sales collateral as well as managing current revisions of the pieces.”

Q: What would you say to another company that is considering using SpringDeck?

“I highly recommend SpringDeck to any company! This is a true time and money saver, all while offering flexibility and custom messaging to our customers (not to mention the analytics!). The usefulness of SpringDeck far outweighs the cost of the subscription. The return on our investment was achieved the very first year!”