SpringDeck is a Content Deployment System for CE Integrators

So far, CEDIA 2016 in Dallas has been amazing! Today, rAVe Publications stopped by and chatted with Jeffrey Smith, the Director of Business Development at SpringDeck. Jeffrey walked them through the solutions SpringDeck creates for sales reps and CE integrators:

We call SpringDeck a “content deployment platform” because it helps users deploy their product cut sheets, images brochures, videos and other marketing collateral to the people who need to see it. For the CEDIA audience, it is especially handy because SpringDeck includes a marketplace where you can automatically download or stream product libraries from top CE manufacturers, 0r users can create their own libraries to use in the sales field. One particular library strategy that has helped BlueSpeedAV – our custom integration business located in Tulsa, Okla. – is to set up categories based on the flow of a sales presentation. Each category represents a room in a prospective smart home and includes the home automation product solutions involved with each. During the sales process, the sales rep simply follows the flow of each room category and the sales presentation is thorough and seamlessly visual.  This layout helps sales reps stay on point with each room and makes the presentation go much more smoothly!

SpringDeck not only helps users deploy content, but it tracks how it is being used, too!  When showing the product content, you can quickly select the product files the client is interested in and send a custom URL via email. Then, we take it a step further and track when that email was opened and what products the client engaged with the most! This helps keep the sales conversation productive, and gives dealers, sales reps, and product manufactures insight into how people are reacting to their marketing materials!

Healthcare Giant, ARKRAY, Improves Sales and Customer Relations Using SpringDeck Sales App

For more than 50 years, ARKRAY has developed innovative diagnostic and monitoring products for the healthcare industry, diabetes management and clinical diagnostics.  We chatted with Todd Cullen, SpringDeck user and Director of Marketing for ARKRAY, about their experience using SpringDeck in their sales process.

Q: Why did ARKRAY start using SpringDeck?

“ARKRAY was looking for a platform to provide digital access to all of our marketing collateral, with the ability to send directly to customers. Prior to SpringDeck, our sales force would request PDF’s of any marketing collateral pieces, attach to an email and send to a customer. This process was very cumbersome and often times resulted in sending wrong revision of the sales materials.

After an exhaustive search for a simple solution, SpringDeck came across my desk. This appeared to be the perfect solution to our need, particularly with the option to track the messages sent to customers and whether or not a followup was needed. SpringDeck offers us the ability to see if a customer has opened the message and if they have downloaded the attachments. The best part of this solution is that it allow for follow up using the original message.”

Q: How has the ARKRAY sales process improved since using SpringDeck?

“We have had tremendous positive feedback from our sales team. The SpringDeck tool has allowed our sales team to communicate more effectively with our customers and to proactively follow up on key messages sent to them. Our customers have told us that they prefer electronic versions of our sales collateral rather than hard copies and SpringDeck provides our sales team the right tool to offer that solution. It has saved tremendous amount of time as well for our sales team by not having to hunt around their PC to find copies of a sell sheet (and hopefully the correct revision) to forward to a customer.”

Q: What is your favorite feature of SpringDeck?

“Our favorite feature of SpringDeck is the capabilities to track the messages we send to our customers. This is a great feature to check whether or not a message has been read and opened. It also gives us the capabilities to follow up directly if a message has not been read with a friendly reminder. The consistency of the messages sent to our customer is a real asset. With a large sales force, many of them have their own “unique” way of creating custom email messages to their customers. With SpringDeck, the format and look of the message is consistent across all of our sales team.

Q: From a sales admin perspective, how has SpringDeck analytics helped your team?

“Yes. It has been helpful for us to see usage and to remind the sales team of the features of SpringDeck. This has reduced the admin time to forward PDF’s of sales collateral as well as managing current revisions of the pieces.”

Q: What would you say to another company that is considering using SpringDeck?

“I highly recommend SpringDeck to any company! This is a true time and money saver, all while offering flexibility and custom messaging to our customers (not to mention the analytics!). The usefulness of SpringDeck far outweighs the cost of the subscription. The return on our investment was achieved the very first year!”

Robust Sales Tools Available to SnapAV Custom Electronics Dealers

Free content and robust sales tools now available to SnapAV dealers

SnapAV, a manufacturer and exclusive source of A/V, CCTV and networking products for professional integrators, has partnered with the SpringDeck app to deliver streamlined, updated product content for all their most popular brands, including Episode®, Luma Surveillance™, WattBox®, Araknis Networks®, SunBriteTV®, and OvrC® remote management. SnapAV dealers can now take advantage of a free exclusive download for a SpringDeck account; they can use these extra sales tools to present products on the go from an iPad, an online browser, or from any connected device.  

“We want our dealers to have the best tools available to make them successful,” said Adam Levy, President of SnapAV. “The SpringDeck app puts our latest brand content in customers’ hands in a really innovative way, and we’re excited to partner with them."

Through an exclusive download code, the SpringDeck app is automatically hardcoded for SnapAV’s extensive product library, which is divided into two categories: Brands and Solutions. In the Brands category, dealers can find content organized by SnapAV’s brand line, to see an overview of products specific to top names such as Luma, Araknis, or OvrC. The Solutions category takes a more conversational approach to the sales process, and is where dealers can browse content based on the specific solution their customer may want: outdoor audio, surveillance, networking, and more.

"Adding SnapAV to SpringDeck is a huge win for our entire user base,” said Ryan Sullivan, CEO of SpringDeck. “Their company mission is to provide AV solutions to their dealers and make it easy to do business with them. Equipping Snap dealers with SpringDeck helps make that possible. From our perspective, a high percentage of SpringDeck users purchase one or more items from SnapAV, and so now, SpringDeck users will be able to utilize SnapAV’s marketing resources when they need them most!"

Any SnapAV dealers who want to claim their free SpringDeck account can visit springdeck.com/snapav.

About SnapAV

Established in 2005 and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SnapAV is a manufacturer and exclusive source of A/V, CCTV and networking products for professional integrators. An industry leader in the custom install channel, SnapAV helps integrators build their businesses by providing a wide range of high-quality products, easily accessible through an intuitive website and backed by award-winning service and support. With a vast catalogue of today’s most popular brands, SnapAV is the premier choice for custom installers across the globe. Additional information about SnapAV and its products can be found at www.snapav.com.


Metro Outdoor Living Amps Sales with SpringDeck App

SpringDeck continues to grow across industries with this case study from Metro Outdoor Living – a premier outdoor retailer located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. SpringDeck is impacting their sales and marketing process and team results on a daily basis, and helps them connect with clients on and off the sales floor.  We loved working with them on this video and are thrilled to see the SpringDeck app becoming a pivotal part of their sales operations! Now…if we can just get them to grill us a couple steaks on some of those fancy outdoor kitchen appliances (yum)!

Tulsa Drillers Baseball Case Study

Want to hear firsthand about the impact SpringDeck is having for users? — The team at Tulsa Drillers Baseball use the SpringDeck app to manage their content and communicate their products and services. It has changed how they handle sales conversations, educate their sales teams, and approach general sales strategies! (*Video Production by SpringDeck*)