4 Ways To Cut Time Wasters And Start Selling Smart

Managing a business backed by sales teams working to get your product noticed can be one of the most exciting experiences, and one of the most frustrating. Companies who understand what exactly is going on with their sales teams at the ground level have a clear advantage over competition. Finding out what is working (and not working) in the sales process allows replication throughout the entire sales force. Identifying and eliminating time inefficiencies will certainly free up more selling time for all – which of course leads to higher revenue!

Overcome less face time with more expertise

Sales teams have a countless number of daily responsibilities that start from lead discovery and end with closing deals. Establishing rapport with a client is extremely integral to the sales process, but it’s no secret salespeople are getting less face time with clients today. Sales reps must capitalize on every moment by being experts in their products and services. The best way to do this is to be prepared with product information at any given moment. Spend time finding tools to help sales reps become knowledgeable and confident in their products. Being able to pull up product info quickly, and not fumbling to find the cut sheets, will establish the expertise needed to move the sale!

Remember the “80/20 Rule”

The 80/20 Rule says 80 percent of results come from 20 percent of activities. The main objective here is to focus on qualified sales leads by spending more time on customers who are most likely to purchase, and less time on non-revenue generating tasks. Sales reps who create additional, ineffective tasks for themselves throughout the day are in a sinking ship.

Switch to digital sales tools

Too often, salespeople spend vast hours assembling flyers, brochures, catalogs, or fumbling around cloud-based software with no ease of accessibility. Sharing information quickly with clients is essential to effective sales presentations. Find a software that can use on a tablet, while on the go. Remember: It needs to be more than just pictures displayed in a camera roll. The last thing you want is personal pictures accidentally getting mixed up with the latest product models!

Evaluate the unknowns

Avoid making business decisions on unknown information. This will by far be one of best ways to cut out wasting valuable time resources in your business. Unknowns can range from not knowing what products reps are presenting, to how clients are responding to the products after the pitch. Gathering and understanding information on every step of the pipeline is possible with the right technology. it helps you move your business forward, instead of relying on “guesstimates” of what you and salespeople should do next.