SpringDeck is a Content Deployment System for CE Integrators

So far, CEDIA 2016 in Dallas has been amazing! Today, rAVe Publications stopped by and chatted with Jeffrey Smith, the Director of Business Development at SpringDeck. Jeffrey walked them through the solutions SpringDeck creates for sales reps and CE integrators:

We call SpringDeck a “content deployment platform” because it helps users deploy their product cut sheets, images brochures, videos and other marketing collateral to the people who need to see it. For the CEDIA audience, it is especially handy because SpringDeck includes a marketplace where you can automatically download or stream product libraries from top CE manufacturers, 0r users can create their own libraries to use in the sales field. One particular library strategy that has helped BlueSpeedAV – our custom integration business located in Tulsa, Okla. – is to set up categories based on the flow of a sales presentation. Each category represents a room in a prospective smart home and includes the home automation product solutions involved with each. During the sales process, the sales rep simply follows the flow of each room category and the sales presentation is thorough and seamlessly visual.  This layout helps sales reps stay on point with each room and makes the presentation go much more smoothly!

SpringDeck not only helps users deploy content, but it tracks how it is being used, too!  When showing the product content, you can quickly select the product files the client is interested in and send a custom URL via email. Then, we take it a step further and track when that email was opened and what products the client engaged with the most! This helps keep the sales conversation productive, and gives dealers, sales reps, and product manufactures insight into how people are reacting to their marketing materials!