Three Ways to Save Digital Briefcase Space


Our digital world provides several ways to avoid carrying around unnecessary papers, brochures and catalogs. We no longer have to be bogged down with a million things to carry to our next sales meeting. However, saving “briefcase space” has now become a digital problem. You can store content on the Cloud, save it on your device, sync, upload, download, and the list goes on. The flurry of options can leave you a bit fragmented:

Not sure where you saved that email attachment?

Can’t remember your passwords?

Tired of excessive app switching?

Not only do we carry a digital briefcase, but it’s just as disorganized and cumbersome as its physical predecessors. For today’s salesperson, saving briefcase space both in the physical and digital realm is of utmost importance to moving the client relationship and sales process along. SpringDeck is a sales and marketing tool created by salespeople for salespeople. We get this problem, and decided there had to be a way to cut down the clutter:

  1. Find one centralized place to store all of the content (and actually be able to find it fast)

    Having access to your sales collateral on one device doesn’t do it anymore. You need to get all of your product collateral in one place on that device, and be able to locate files on the spot. Nothing looks worse than when you are app switching or looking for an email attachment in front of a client. The SpringDeck app organizes product content into libraries and categorizes them into one area, based on your sales areas. Then the app’s search function makes it easy to use keywords to find products and pull up all the options for the client to view!
  2. Make your sales presentation work for you
    Forget handing out clumsy brochures or using linear PowerPoint presentations and charts. Find a way to make the presentation go fluidly using digital devices people are familiar with. For example, when our users present their products using the SpringDeck app on your iPad or computer, not only does the client perceive it as tech-savvy, but you can instantaneously flag the client’s favorite products and create custom presentation links to send right away! This saves you time and delivers content to clients when it’s fresh in their minds! Plus, avoid accidentally getting stuck with outdated files during a presentation. In SpringDeck, once a product library is updated with new content, the entire sales force automatically receives notifications with the fresh content ready to go!

  3. You need digital tools to track and follow-up on sales actions
    The sales process doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark; nor do you need to use post-it-notes to jot down client follow-up reminders. SpringDeck software tracks every interaction the client has with the product content you give them – after the presentation is over! You receive email notifications when they open product links, and can see what products they interact with the most. This way you don’t waste their time (or yours) during a follow-up call.